ECHO Bird (Bird Detector) is designed to provide air traffic controllers and ground crews better overview of bird movements at runway areas. New technology makes it possible to use a standard marine radar to detect and monitor the birds’ flight over both land and water.

An FPGA handle the data exchange between the EKKO BirD radar and the computer software. The FPGA samples data from the radar using an ADC, buffers the data and then transmits it to the PC memory using PCIe interface. The software, developed by Radian, can then process the data and determine bird activity up to about 7km away. Geese in herd has a typical average speed of 60km/h corresponding to a warning time of up to 6 minutes.

  • Project Type: PC plug-in card
  • Skills Needed: FPGA. PCIe interface
  • Customer: Radian AS
  • Project Year: 2015..2017
  • Website: http://www.radian.no