What we are

We are a vendor independent Design Centre for Embedded Software and FPGA/ASIC.

Who we are

We are a group of very competent designers, experienced in Embedded Software and FPGA/ASIC development and verification.

Why use us

We have a strong focus on efficiency, quality and our customers’ real needs. Hence we work actively with practical methodology improvements.


Inventas' department in Asker, Norway, formerly Bitvis AS, was founded in January 2012. We are an FPGA and Embedded software department that provides highly specialized development services to a broad range of customers from startups to major companies in the electronics industry. Inventas develops tools (intellectual property in the form of software and methodology) that makes us more efficient as a service provider. Most of these tools are made available for the industry as Open Source or commercial tools. We also work significantly on development methodology improvement.

Market lead

We are a leader in our profession and we want to take the next step forward by adding new advanced functionality to UVVM, our FPGA, verification environment. It is important for us to be at the forefront, and we believe a further development of the Open source platform will benefit the European electronics industry.


We have been involved in many prestige projects within Space, Defence, Offshore, Telecommunications, Avionics, Radar systems, Multimedia devices, Industrial applications and Healthcare. The project contents range from sensor interface, encryption and error correction to image processing and high end data communication. - in applications like the Lockheed Martin F-35, Missile, 100Gbit datalink, In-pipe inspection loggers, Seismic Survey, Professional AV projectors, NASA 2020 Rover and other Space applications like the: Solar Orbiter, Bepi Colombo, MetOp, SES-14 and more.