Tools and technologies

Application Development Tools and frameworks Operating Systems
C REST Embedded Linux
C++ Jira Windows
C# Confluence OS X
Ruby Stash VxWorks
XML Vagrant Realtime Linux
PHP Chef FreeRtos
ASP Jenkins Android
Perl Lint uboot
SQL .Net Protocols
Assembler iPhone SDK RS232 / RS422 / RS485
AWK Android sdk I2C
Bash Test frameworks SPI
Python gtest AXI
Objective C GMock TCP/IP
JavaScript JUnit Ethernet
Java testng CAN bus
CSS cppunit 1-wire
Soap python-unittest Uart
MatLAB/Simulink python-mock Modbus
Qt Development tools PCIe
TCL Visual Studio BRI(ISDN)
Embedded development Eclipse VME
Bootloaders make Embedded Hardware
Board bring up IAR Embedded Workbench USB
Drivers Code sorcery Microchip
Logic analyzer Gnu ARM
Oscilloscope Keil Zync7000
ICE probes Labview Microblaze
Real-Time analyzis Maven picoblaze
HW fault finding QT creator 8051
Version control cmake Leon3
Omniworks   Nios
SVN   PowerPC
CVS   Avr
Git   Blackfin