Bitvis is helping customers with development of Embedded SW and FPGA.
We help in any part of the process – from concept to final product.

Leading Independent Design Centre in Norway

Bitvis is the leading independent design centre in Norway with respect to quality and efficiency - due to our active coordination of methodology with a major focus on improvements where it matters the most.


Additional Services

Bitvis offer additional services to customers who need short term support.

Bitvis Methods
Methodology as a Service

Bitvis Review
Review as a Service

Bitvis Sparing
Sparring partner

Bitvis Course
Courses and seminars

Lower cost, Faster development & Better product

There are lots of pitfalls and lots of reasons for delayed projects and products with critical bugs. 
- These are the areas that really need attention, awareness, knowledge and a good methodology. 
- These are the areas where just a little more structure and the right approach will save many hundred hours and result in a better product.
- These are the areas where you as a customer really benefits from Bitvis methodology.

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Best Practices - Internally and for Customers

For FPGA development we even have a dedicated Best Practices course that we run internally at regular intervals.
We also run this course externally - as we also aim to help our customers improving their development flow.


FPGA development Best Practices (2-day course)

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