3x UVVM at FPGA-Kongress in Munich in July

Published: 21.Apr.2016

Bitvis will have two presentations and a hands-on tutorial at FPGA-Congress in Munich in Germany July 12-14, 2016.

FPGA-Kongress _2016

July 12: 'Improve your VHDL Testbench – a practical Approach' (30 min) 

July 13: Hands-on Tutorial: 'Advanced VHDL Verification – As simple and structured as possible. – And here you can try it…' (90 min)

July 14: 'A game changer for VHDL verification: Advanced VHDL Verification - Made simple - For anyone' (45 min)

See program and abstracts here

FPGA-Kongress is one of the largest FPGA conferences in the world.
We are really proud that two presentations and a tutorial have been accepted, and this only 5 months after releasing UVVM VVC Framework  :-)