Guest lectures to teach students good design practice

Published: 12.May.2014

Bitvis is regularly presenting important topics within embedded systems to the students at University of Oslo, University of Bergen and Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim.

The focus in these presentations is to make the students understand the importance of a structured approach to system development. Basically we teach the students pragmatic ways to improve the product quality and at the same time reduce the development time and cost.

Unfortunately Good Design Practices has fallen between two stools for a very long time.  The universities have never recognised this as their area, and the industry has probably focused on other issues and often neglected the need for this.  At Bitvis we have acknowledged the fact that a good, coordinated methodology is very important, as a lack of such will reduce quality, increase risk, delay the project – and lead to a significantly higher overall cost.

Teaching the students a good methodology and structured development and telling them about the pitfalls to avoid – will help them through their student projects and certainly improve their skills as developers when they start working on real industry projects.