Dedicated Sales Director for Bitvis

Published: 24.Nov.2014

William Braathen is employed as Sales Director in Bitvis.

Our search for a sales director with a strong technical background has finally come to an end. For Bitvis, technical insight at all levels is crucial in order to provide a good service. Our Software and FPGA developers take active part in our internal methodology improvement process, in our sharing of knowledge and experience, and in the development of important support tools and libraries for efficient development of high quality products. This active involvement and methodology coordination yields a far better service as a design centre and on site consultancy, - and it is important for us to have a sales director who understands how critical this is for the success of our customers.

William has several years of hands-on experience with hardware, software and FPGA development, which makes him an ideal interface towards our customers. His sales experience from Recab Embedded Computers, Arrow, 4tech and Acte has given him a good overview of the Norwegian market and experience from the global electronics industry, which we find to be very valuable when trying to find the best solutions for our customers.

An additional benefit of William taking over the responsibility for sales and marketing is that Espen Tallaksen (managing director) will get more time to follow up on projects and methodology improvements - and further improve project efficiency and product quality.