Bitvis Utility Library is discontinued. Long live UVVM Utility Library

Published: 09.Oct.2015

UVVM Utility Library is now replacing Bitvis Utility Library as follows:

  • BVUL (Bitvis Utility Library)
    • Will still be available as v2.6
    • Is compatible with VHDL 93, 2002 and 2008
    • Will not be developed any further
    • Potential bugs will be fixed

  • UVVM-Util (UVVM Utility Library) v1.0 
    • Will start off from BVUL v2.6
    • Will only be compatible with VHDL 2008
    • Will be compatible with BVUL v2.6,
      (apart from no longer supporting VHDL 93 or 2002)
    • Will be free and open source as before
    • Will be developed further
New functionality already in v1.0:
- Included support for hierarchical alert reporting and control.
See Products/UVVM Utility Library   and Resources for downloads