Bitvis is now member of EtherCat Technology Group

Published: 01.Oct.2014

Bitvis is pleased to announce membership of the EtherCat Technology Group

The EtherCAT Technology Group is the forum in which key user companies from various industries and leading automation suppliers join forces to support, promote and advance the EtherCAT technology.

EtherCat, short for Ethernet for Control Automation Technology, is an Ethernet based fieldbus system with hard real-time performance. EtherCat provides predictable data and control distribution in networks down to I/O level at high data throughput and low latency. In addition, EtherCat also provides features such as time synchronization and transparency to standard Ethernet. Cost and development time is greatly reduced with EtherCat through hardware abstraction and standardized components.  

Bitvis can now apply EtherCat technology in customer projects.