Bitvis Embedded Software Methodology

Published: 14.May.2014

Two years ago a group of designers saw an opportunity not only to provide working force to the customers, but also to help improving the embedded development process.

Since the beginning more Embedded Software and FPGA designers joined and Bitvis now count thirteen dedicated members.

The FPGA designers jump started by reintroducing and improving the very appreciated Utility Library, which they originally developed at Digitas. The Embedded Software designers had to start from scratch, but are now picking up speed.

Embedded Software designers at Bitvis are now putting together a toolbox packed with well recognized development toolsbest practices and a development management system.

Customers will greatly benefit from Bitvis Embedded Software Methodology tailored to provide higher software quality and design efficiency, resulting in lower development time and cost.

Thanks to a common way of working our customers will always know what to expect from all Bitvis designers. 

Bitvis believes that project handover to the customer starts from the very first day of the assignment. This is achieved trough a pragmatic development flow and by continuously sharing knowledge with the customer. 

BItvis invites you to follow our series of articles providing an insight into Bitvis Embedded Software Methodology and related topics.