FPGA design and verification courses in Argentina in May 08.May.2017


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SSV Conference 2017 05.Apr.2017

Bitvis Logo August 2015 Transparent

 SSV2017 Email Footer Visit Us 5 6 1 1 Jpg

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Advanced VHDL Verification - Made simple 07.Mar.2017

Advanced VHDL Verification - Made simple, , Oslo, Norway, March 7-9

Date: March 7-9,…

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Auto generating code and generic FPGA register access from software 15.Feb.2017

Michael FPGA Forum

Software and FPGA developers often struggle with synchronization of the register map. Parall…

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'Accelerating FPGA Design', Oslo 11.Jan.2017

Accelerating FPGA Design    
Learn how basic quality improvement will also reduce development ti…

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FPGAworld 2016 13.Sep.2016


  in Stockholm Sept. 13

Bitvis will give a presentation in the industrial t…

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FPGA-Kongress 2016, München 12.Jul.2016

FPGA-Kongress _2016

FPGA-Kongress is one of the largest FPGA conferences in the world.

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Accelerating FPGA VHDL Verification, Stockholm, April 20-21 20.Apr.2016

Accelerating FPGA VHDL Verification

Date:   …

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FPGA-forum 2016 10.Feb.2016

, Wednesday and Thursday February 10-11, 2016

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EE-training - Signal integrity 01.Dec.2015

EE-traning 3-day course on Signal Integrity will be arranged in Asker (outside Oslo) December 1-3. …

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UVVM Presentation++ in Bergen 28.Sep.2015

The following presentations will be given in Bergen Monday Sept. 28, 2015.

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FPGAworld 2015 08.Sep.2015

- in Stockholm Sept. 8

Bitvis will give a presentation i…

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Norwegian Developers Conference, NDC 17.Jun.2015


And Bitvis will be there - presenting 


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Free VHDL Verification seminar - One time only 29.Apr.2015

Free verification seminar for simple and advanced verification

Our Free & Open source, Bit…

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FPGA Development Best Practices, Copenhagen (DK), March 24-26 24.Mar.2015

FPGA Development Best Practices    

Copenhagen, Denmark: Location TBD

Date: March 24-26, 20…

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FPGA-forum 2015 11.Feb.2015

FPGA-forum 2015, in Trondheim:

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FPGA Development Best Practices, Stockholm, Nov. 19-20 19.Nov.2014

FPGA Development Best Practices     (see )


Date: November 19-20

Time of…

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MathWorks MATLAB courses in Oslo, Nov 3-5 and 6-7 03.Nov.2014

Upcoming training courses from Mathworks in Oslo, November 3-7: 

MATLAB Fundamentals, November …

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X-fest (Xilinx) 09.Oct.2014


See and  

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Hands-On Seminar om Yocto, den nye embedded Linux distro std. 11.Sep.2014

Gratis Hands-On Seminar om Yocto, den nye embedded Linux distro standarden.…

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FPGAworld 09.Sep.2014

FPGAworld 2014 in Stockholm and Copenhagen

- Stockholm: 9 September, 2014

- Copenhage…

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E-14 Odense (DK) 02.Sep.2014

From Program:

'Denmark's largest ELECTRONICS FAIR E-14 will be held for th…

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NI: Build Your Own Embedded System Workshop 11.Jun.2014

National Instruments:

Build Your Own Embedded System Workshop

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Arrow Technology Seminar & Boat Trip Event 2014 03.Jun.2014

From the invitation:

In cooperation with some of our most valuable suppliers, we are please…

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NDC 2014 - Norwegian Developers Conference 02.Jun.2014

NDC 2014 - Norwegian Developers Conference will be held in Oslo, Norway on June 2-6, 2014.

The co…

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Matlab Expo 2014 - Nordic 22.May.2014


MATLAB EXPO is an annual, one-day event featuring the latest product capabilities in MAT…

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NI: Hands-on Embedded Systems 2014 (May 13 & 20) 20.May.2014

National Instruments:

Hands-on Embedded Systems 2014

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Advanced VHDL Testbenches and Verification (5 days) 05.May.2014

FirstEDA & Jim Lewis:


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FPGA-forum 2014 05.Feb.2014

FPGA-forum 2014, in Trondheim (Hotel Britannia):

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FPGAs: Establishing a 'Fit for Purpose' Design Flow 11.Sep.2013

Bitvis is contributing to a seminar in Stockholm on better FPGA design and verification - together …

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FPGAworld 10.Sep.2013

Bitvis will have two presentations on :


10:30 Industrial track…

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Course: FPGA dev. Best Practices in August (Oslo) 21.Aug.2013

Our two-day course on FPGA Development Best Practices will be arranged in Asker (outside Oslo) Augu…

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FPGA development Courses (various)

Bitvis provides courses on various aspects of FPGA development

- on-site (as is or adapted) on r…

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